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   Holiday greetings from the Rosner family!

All four Rosners traveled in March to Madison, WI to attend our nephew Ross’s Bar Mitzvah.  The occasion naturally morphed into a Rosner family reunion, with opportunities to catch up with folks from all over the US.  Dancing to the Chicago-style blues band at the post-ceremony party was a hoot!  We checked out the Madison campus area where we ate Ethiopian food and ultra-rich Babcock’s ice cream.  Ronda, Ari and Sonia stayed a few extra days in Chicago where we toured the Chicago Institute of Art, explored Millennium Park, viewed the city from the top of the Sears Tower and busted our guts laughing at the Second City Comedy Club routines.  Deep-dish pizza and Greektown lunch were the food highlights.  Other than the 20-degree drop in temperature while eating lunch one day, our Chicago stay was hot!

Sonia continues at UC San Diego as a junior, majoring in Biochemistry and Cell Biology.  In June she moved into a cozy apartment just off campus with her boyfriend, Daniel, who’s also attending UCSD.  Sonia works part-time as a Research Assistant in the same Neuroscience lab at the Salk Institute during the school year.  She stayed in La Jolla and worked full-time during the summer.  Her lab conducts basic research in learning and memory.  Jeff and Ronda visited La Jolla in September for a mini-vacation with Sonia and Daniel.  We experienced the San Diego Wild Animal Park where we saw a two-day old baby elephant, had some great Indian food and gelato, and waded in the cove.  La Jolla means “the jewel” and it truly is gorgeous!

Ari graduated from UC Santa Barbara in June, having earned a BS degree in Mathematics – right on time!  The family, including Jeff’s mom, Grace, gathered to celebrate and toast his achievement.  The world’s his oyster.  For the present he’s staying in Goleta and working at the same investment analysis position – until he launches the next phase of his life in 2008.

Jeff and Ronda continue at Agilent in Santa Clara.  Jeff has found escape in playing music and repairing/renovating saxophones of various flavors.  Ronda meets her friends at Peets Palo Alto on Friday mornings as often as possible.  She went north to Susanville, CA a couple of times to visit her parents, who are settled into the community there.  And once again last summer, Jeff and Ronda heard some fantastic live music at the annual Stanford Jazz Festival, which is close enough to bike or walk to the shows.

Enjoy health, peace, and love during the coming year.

Much Love,  Ronda, Jeff, Ari, and Sonia Rosner