Baritone Saxophone Mouthpieces

Older Woodwind "Steel Ebonite" piece. Largest chamber I have ever seen on a bari mouthpiece. Opened by Keith Bradbury (MojoBari) to .108

Includes hard-to-find bass sax lig and cap

This piece played perfectly in tune on my older Conn12M, and had a great, vintage "smoky" sound that was never reproduced. I no longer have that horn

This would be an awesome bass sax mouthpiece...these are increasingly rare.


Yanagisawa #5 - came new with B992. Played for about 5 minutes. Plays well, but not my thing. Measures .086


Runyon Quantum #11 in white delrin with spoiler. Measures .103. Lig only, no cap


Ideal bari mouthpiece #3. Bought several of these (I have 2) back when I thought that I was going to learn how to reface mouthpieces. The one that I tried plays pretty well, but very small tip opening. Measures .073


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