Borgani Jubilee tenor saxophone - SOLD

I'm pretty reticent to sell this, but I have too many saxophones, and this spectacular specimen hasn't overcome my comfort with the Yanagisawas that I normally play; my price is firm.

If you are looking at this ad, you probably know what this saxophone is, and are seeking one. These are amazing saxophones with some very slick keywork innovations, but a bore design and sound more reminiscent of the large bore Conn saxophones of the mid-20th century. This one had the pearl silver treatment from the factory; as part of the overhaul, this was lightly polished by hand (with Hagerty's silver polish) and has taken on a very distinctive look. The horn was outfitted with large, seamless domed resonators (similar to original) and white RooPads. The keywork was tightened up and tweaked and it is in much better than new condition. It looks and plays amazingly well.

The horn will come in a Selmer flight case (the nice carbon fiber one) that fits it amazingly well. Price does not include shipping.

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