Cannonball Knight '98' Ice Finish - alto saxophone - This beauty is sold...thanx for looking

This little gem was my daughter's saxophone in middle school. She played flute in concert band and only used it one year for jazz band. The next year she fell in love with the clarinet and has played exclusively clarinet since. It is a finish that was very popular in the late 90s here in Northern California; the body is a satin gold-plate and the neck and bell are satin silver-plate; the inside of the bell is shiny finish silver-plate. I was affiliated with a local music store doing instrument repair part-time and got to try a few of these and pick this one. It is a competent saxophone with a bold, distinctive sound. This one was recently adjusted. While I didn't like the finish originally, it has aged to a distinctive look that is not as loud as when new. It is dent-free and has virtually no loss of plating.

I'm asking $750 firm for this beauty; price does not include shipping. Please contact me at