Conn New Wonder Tenor Saxophone  ****SOLD****

This is a silver-plated Conn New Wonder Tenor saxophone from about 1922 (these are identical in bore and almost every other way to the so-called Chu horns except for a couple of subtle keywork changes). The yellow in the pix is from lighting...the silver-plate on this horn is ~85-90%. It has rolled tone holes, and the fork Eb is working perfectly. It has been restored to excellent playing condition; I have been playing it regularly (mostly R&B stuff with this horn) and it is breaking in nicely. It had some previous repairs (neck octave key is pinned, bell brace resoldered) which were solid. It came to me with some external corrosion to the back which caused me to apply some patches to very thin areas (all external; the inside bore is pristine). These are documented in the detailed pictures. It has all new pads (not Resopads but same style resonators), corks and felts. It had some replating in the past, but the engraving is still very sharp, although plated over (see pix). The Eb and C key have original pearl rollers, but the table keys have new nylon rollers. Plating is possibly not all original. There are very few dents or dentwork on this horn...just a few pencil point types here and there. From 5 feet this horn looks great and has a nice presence. The intonation is excellent, and it has that gutsy Conn thing going...easy to get that sexy Lester sound.

Comes with original case only suitable for shipping; it is badly beaten and has a foul odor. No mouthpiece included, but I have many tenor mouthpieces for sale, including several that work well with this horn.

(Click here for a complete set of pictures)

$850 / offer

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