Conn 108M - "DJH Modified" alto saxophone - SOLD

These are very rare stencils of the Julius Keilwerth top of the line Toneking Exclusiv saxophone marketed in Europe at the time. They closely resemble the very famous Couf Superba I alto saxophones that were sold by Herb Couf of Royal Oak, Michigan in the late 70s and early 80s, but have some significant keywork improvements (pivoting spatula and Selmer-like octave key) and, of course, the famous "Naked Lady" engraving.

Like most of the flagship saxophones made by Keilwerth, these included:

This one has been well-played but is in excellent shape, virtually dent and ding free. It originally was gold plate with lacquered keys. Much of the gold plate is worn away and I have hand-polished away the remnants of the underlying silver flash. Most of the lacquer remains on the keys. It has had a complete overhaul within the last year...all keywork snugged up, with Precision firm pads, and large, rivetless domed stainless steel resonators.  It is in perfect condition. It will be delivered in a very nice original case that has a plush cover for the horn that is integral. These horns don't fit in most cases because of the oversized nature and this beautiful original case is a bonus. There is one tear on the top...the top is upholstered with foam and covering...the covering has become brittle. I was told that it would be easy to cut this out and glue a piece of fabric in, but I will leave that to the next owner...I am a sax repairman and not an upholstery expert. Otherwise, the case is very classy and beautiful.