FOR SALE: SELMER SA80 one-piece straight soprano saxophone SN 356xxx ***SOLD***

I am the second owner of this horn and it was my main soprano until about 1.5 years ago, when I began having tendonitis problems in my elbows. I am now confined to playing only bent neck sopranos (I replace this one with a Yanagisawa 990 bent neck and my Buescher TruTone backup soprano with a Cannonball curvy). I have sold the Buescher and am now parting with this horn. It is perfectly maintained and in excellent condition except for lacquer wear. It has some spots where the lacquer has flaked (little tiny ones) from incomplete flux cleaning at the factory. This was apparently common in the early 80s from Selmer (my tenor has similar spots) and you can see them in the pictures. These is also some small rubbing wear at the touch points.

This is a superb was built shortly after the last of the MKVI sopranos (there were no MkVII sopranos and I have seen VIs with 340XXX SNs) and has the same blowing characteristics and sound, but with dramatically improved keywork. From what I have seen, they didn't change the body tube dimensions until the Series II, but this is just conjecture. I have just gone through this horn to check playing condition and replaced a couple is clearly concert-ready. Recent neck cork and 'Shove-it' padsaver. Case is original and excellent condition except for some of the padding which has come slightly unglued at the bell end.

$1700 plus actual shipping costs - Bank check or US Postal Money order

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