Soprano saxophone mouthpieces for sale


Barone Traditional/Contemporary 8* in brass like new in original container (measures .070") - TC27, May 1, 2001 date. $230

Meyer HR has "#6 Meyer Lapped Facing M" in diamond on table. Measures .060"; older piece. Ligature scratching on back. $55SOLD
NEW Cannonball #7 stock piece. Came with Global Big Bell curved soprano - Plays OK... measures .073


Older vintage Yanagisawa metal piece #7. Significant loss of original nickel plate, pictures look worse than piece, but useful to judge. With original lig. Great player, but I have newer gold-plate piece that works for me. Measures .061



BARI HR 70; hard to find larger size. Some ligature scratching; older piece, aluminum band around shank. Slight chip on inside of right rail, but doesn't affect playing. Measures .071" 


All pieces are original facings as far as I know. I have only played them with toothpatch, minimal toothmarks on them. Ship from California, Free shipping to 48 states US. Contact: shmuelyosef AT gmail DOT com